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Salvatore Ferragamo

To understand the essence of Salvatore Ferragamo, just walk into their boutique in The Mall at Millenia. Inside you’ll see why the famed Italian brand is distinguished from other fashion houses. Their commitment to innovative design, high end materials and fined-tuned craftsmanship is what makes them such a leader in luxury footwear. Salvatore Ferragamo, himself, wanted his label to create and produce the most beautiful shoes in the world, and the fashion house has succeeded in continuing this legacy.


Experimentation with materials is one of the major factors that differentiate their shoes from others. During the design process, Salvatore would pair traditional, high quality leather with more modest materials not typically used for shoes. The brand likes to use its shoes’ material to make a statement as well. This is achieved by fashioning styles out of interesting skins, intricate embroidery with rhinestones or glass beads, or with silk. Salvatore’s pioneering spirit also led to iconic creations that represent landmarks in the fashion world such as the cork wedge and the stiletto heel. Other favorites include the best-selling Vara, an elegant, yet everyday pair of shoes marked by its low heel and toe bow, to the Ferragamo pump that was inspired by Salvatore’s muse Marilyn Monroe. Salvatore Ferragamo is also a leader in artisan men’s shoes. This is due to their use of tramezza, a traditional handcrafting process that adds another layer of leather in between the sole and in sole, which creates additional cushioning.


Outside of footwear, the brand carries silk patterned scarves, leather handbags and small goods, belts, jewelry, watches and Ready-To-Wear, so Orlando customers can fashion themselves in the spirit of the Italian designer from head to toe. 





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